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Self Inking Stamps

Self inking stamps have an internal ink pad and produce a clear and even impression time after time, thus avoiding the problems associated with rubber stamps.

These self inking stamps come in a variety of sizes and shapes

self inking stamps are also available as daters.

Most  self inking stamp pads are now available as two colour pads.


Pocket Stamps & Pen Stamps

A selection of self  inking stamps contained within a small oval case or pen.

Rubber Stamps

These are traditional stamps which require an ink pad.

They range from 10 x 15 mm up to 70 x 105 mm on a standard plastic backing,

All rubber stamps are fitted with a plastic handle.

 Larger sizes, up to A4 can be made to order, these rubber stamps would be mounted on a ply backing. Traditional stamps rely on the operator getting an even amount of ink onto the stamp and transferring that to the paper without moving the stamp as it is placed on the paper.